The following are meaningful sobriety quotes I have come up with that can give you a little insight into both addiction and my approach to it:

1.      You don’t have a substance abuse issue, you have an abusing yourself with a substance issue.

2.      Hindsight is only 20/20 for those currently seeing 20/20.

3.       It is not what you are getting sober from, it is what you are getting sober for.

4.       Sobriety is its’ own reward.

5.      Anything that you can become obsessed with, and you do so much that you don’t do the things necessary to maintain your family, friends, school, job- that can be an addiction.

6.      One may think there is willpower involved, but more likely change comes from want power. Wanting the new me in preference to the person I am now.

7.      Addiction isn’t about substance -  you are not addicted to the substance, you are addicted to the alteration of mood that the substance brings.

8.      Hurting myself is my addiction.

9.The time you have sober is insignificant in comparision to what you have done with that time.

10.There is and always will be a good reason to use, you need to find a better one not to.

1.      Every morning we suit up for battle, how we suit up, and what we suit up for is the decision that determines our fate.

2.  Life goes on…unless you do not allow it to.

3.  Never go to war with yourself, there is only one outcome.

4.  People do not change people, people allow things others do to them to change them.

5.  One should not fear the unknown because they might come up wrong or empty handed, they should fear that it stay unknown.

6.  The wound cannot scar until you allow it to stop bleeding.

7.  Striving to become 10 things, I have lost the 100 that I was.

8.  It can be tempting to set aside the burdens of morality.

9.  The difference between learning and being taught cannot be taught, it must be learned.

10.  Finding out that you are lost is a big part of finding yourself.

11.  Don’t respect age, respect wisdom.

12.  You always have a choice, no matter how many choices it takes you to get to it.

13.  The color of your eyes is insignificant in comparison to what they have seen.

14.  Even a turd can rise to the top, aspire to do more than a turd.

15.   The only thing that will crack your back more quickly than the straws you place on it…are the straws you allow others to.

16.  There are no ordinary moments.

17.  Be sure your wrongs will find you out.

18.  Bad times wake you up to the good you were not paying attention to.

19.   We tolerate the common rather than the tolerable.

20.   Those that are comfortable with their own actions are comfortable not forcing them upon others.

21.   The opposite of love is not hate, it is self.

22.  Lies come from insecurity and shame.

23.  Failure is something we strive to learn from, yet strive to avoid.

24.  Be careful not to let your passion spark your anger.

25.  Scars are your body’s acknowledgement that the past should not be forgotten and should be reflected upon from time to time.

26.  All the armor in the world cannot protect you from yourself.

27.  Before you can be another’s half, you must be your own whole.

28.  Your past is yours, and often not true

29.  Be careful what you say, you may start to believe it.

30.  Do not quit until you succeed, very few get enjoyment out of failure.

31.  Lying to yourself nets you nothing.

32.  It wasn’t until I started learning that I realized how little I know.

33.  Opinions change as knowledge increases.

34.  Your selfishness determines your success.

35.  If you are tempted to lie change either your actions or those making you feel you need to hide them from.

36.  Your selfishness defines you.

37.  Your wants determine your needs.

38.  It was possible before it happened.

39.   You cannot save another until you save yourself.

40.  Without emotions there can be no decisions.

41.Trust pays the highest dividend.
42. Familiarity breeds indifference.
43. No man can do something he believes to not be in his best interest. To get men to realize their self-interest is the key to a rational society.
44. Man can change his emotions by changing his values.

45. The quickest and surest way to lose yourself is to rely on others for your self-esteem.

46. Even if you do the same thing as last time, it is not the same as last time.

47. Do not celebrate nor strive to release yourself from the burdens of rational consciousness.

48. You are never doing nothing; just less than you believe you should be.

49. Men find comfort in attributing success to anything but skill and effort.

50. Worry a little, but act a lot.

51. If you do not arm yourself during times of safety, you will be unarmed in times of danger.

52. Others’ actions do not determine your worth.

53. Rationalizations are often not rational.

54. false causes lead to false cures.

55. A clear conscience creates tranquility

56. Present with purpose or people won’t think you have any.

57. Necessities are conditional

58. It takes confidence to compliment.

59. You always have a choice, no matter how many choices it takes you to get to it.

60. Better right than fast.